The mediocrity that is me
2002-05-18 21:32:18 (UTC)

Welcome to Hell...

So today was the last day of high school. My last day of
free education. Thank ______ (insert deity of choice here).
I've been waiting for this day since, oh, around third
grade. For some completely insane reason, I was happier
leaving yesterday. I think when I finally check out on
Monday, I'm going to do a big "Fuck You, Mountain Ridge" as
I walk out. Who knows, maybe I'll wreck havoc or start a
riot or something to celebrate. Oh, and I got a 90 on my
sociology final. I should have ditched that class WAY more

So, who wants to burn all their notes and schoolwork with
me? I saw we find a secluded area, purchase about a gallon
of gasoline and a match, and blow all that crap to hell.
Then, we could toast marshmellows and make s'mores. (See?
Something good CAN come from high school). We can take
pictures (thanks for the idea, Kevin) and send them to all
of our teachers, kind of like a "thank you for everything
and this is what I'm doing with all the knowledge you so
graciously bestowed upon me" type of thing. Actually, I
don't care about all that. I just want to watch four years
of high school go up in flames and a loud explosion.

Oh, the joys of burning memories.