Meglomanical Musings
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2001-06-09 03:53:05 (UTC)

New Questions

What is within the quest for immortality? Of what
spiritual earth lies the seed that germinates into what we
deem a good person, a whole person, or a complete person.
Why is it that perhaps one specimen of society, more
intriguing, more emotionally equipped, perhaps hardened by
the realities of the world as we know it can divine such
animation and foreboding intimacy of character?
In saying thus, we should follow to inquire as to why
another, with similar training, circumstances, perhaps a
lack thereof, turns ill and fallow? What presents the
balance between good, mediocre, and evil among the varying
scales from rich to poor?
Surely these are the beings upon which the earth is made,
the fulness of the theatrical caricature we call a "good
man", yet not necessarily a "successful man"... and why is
In trying to comprehend the tangled web that interlinks
grandeur, character, and success, we find elusive points in
the actual path to arrive at the "point B" we anticipate.
But is anticipation our pet demon?
What makes the difference, a desire to live, a need to
survive, or the fact that many simply do not care to know
the difference between the two?

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