2002-05-18 16:13:39 (UTC)

awake time. i woke up to my air..

awake time.

i woke up to my air being set too high for me to breathe
and my mother claiming she didnt touch it.

whatever. i dont care.

then i hit my lip on something really hard.
it hurt.

im trying to be good about not spending money.
there is nothing to eat here.

yesturday i burned a box of bagel bites.
"dont open another box, they cost 2.50 a piece."

okay mother. i just wont eat.

i have been here way too much recently.

i keep coughing.
i dont feel good at all.
work today.
tonight is a jen night i believe though.
so that should be happiness.

and its good cuz
i wake up go to work.
come home go to sleep.
wake up go to work.
go to the airport and get my baby =)
happy thoughts.

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