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2002-05-18 15:04:12 (UTC)


I saw my girl yesterday. She looked beautiful as always.
We talked the whole time about things going on in our
lives. She said she was a little burnt from sun-tanning.
Got her ass chapped. Maybe that will put a fire under her
ass.(hahaha) She had this phone with her that she was
trying to figure out. I wish I could've helped more, but
I've never really used a cell phone. She called some guy
and they were both like, who the hell is this? I wonder if
that number was programmed in before they bought it. Do
you think it was a used phone? She said she was going up
to Rockford today. She didn't think they would go out
dancing or anything. Yeah right!! When those people get
together, they always paint the town red. She said that
maybe I could go with her the next time she goes back.
Promises, promises.(hahaha) If I went with her, the party
would never stop. If we didn't go out, then we would be
talking the whole night. I wonder if her family would have
a lot of questions for me? I'll just say, hey, if you were
me, wouldn't you have done the same thing.(hahaha) I mean
come on, a pretty lady says to you that shes thinking about
you all the time, what else could you say but yes, I would
love to see you. So thats what I did, no regrets
whatsoever. I'd do it again a million times. All in all,
yesterday was a friendly encounter. If its a friend she
wants, then a friend I'll be. Its not like I'm gonna force
anything on her. She asked me if I was bored. BORED WITH
HER!?!? Thats crazy talk. The only thing I could say
about that question, is that maybe I was still feeling the
effects of being under the weather. One more thing before
I go. I have a question for her the next I see or talk to
her. No matter the answer, I care for her very much. As a
freind or as a lover, she means a lot to me. I hope she
understands that I am only thinking of her best interests.
OK, I'm leaving now. Take care. BYE!!!