The lost little girl
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2002-05-18 14:52:07 (UTC)

so tired....

well well well..back again i see :)!

i don't know when i wrote last so i'm just gonna start at
thursday. i had a great time at kareoke. it was Kate, Emily,
Chad, Dana, Dader, Heather, Jeff, Justin, Ariel, Ryan,
Joe,and myself. it was wicked fun. then afterwards chad,
emily ,heather, dana, jeff and myself went to the
playground in ashland. i was on a swing for over and hour.
so my hands hurt quite a bit.
yesterday i hung out with chris and jimmie. we went,
well..lots of places actually.and the best part. chris took
me to see Episode II. if you haven't seen it yet...you HAVE
TO GO! it's incredible!!!!
i don't know what else is left. i'm kinda in a weird mood
b'cuz for some dumb reason it's SNOWING outside. totally
mind-blowing event. i hate snow!!!!!!!
well i'm gonna go..i will talk to you soon...take care of
yourself. byebyebye- love- janie

daily quote:

"hey, you wanna buy a death stick?" - guy
" ( waves hand) you don't want to sell me a death
stick!"-Obi Wan
" i don't want to sell you a death stick"- guy
" ( waves hand again) you want to go home and rethink your
life!"- obi wan
" i want to go home and rethink my life"- guy
[ star wars episode II ]