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2001-06-09 02:09:25 (UTC)

Shrek/To Grandmother's House We Go

Emotion: Awesome! but still upset
Diary Log: #4
Reality Check: I don't write entries every single day
Prior Entry: Nuttin Much
Thinking Of: Shrek, Jeffrey
Who’s online: Emma & Courtney
Word of the Day: gor-geous (gor'jes) adj. 1.briliantly
showy: magnificent 2. beautiful, delightful, etc. -
gor'geous-ly adv.

Know why I chose the word gorgeous? Because Jeffrey is
gorgeous! I'll explain later, righ tnow I wanna talk about
Shrek. I saw that movie for the first time today. It is way
cool dude! OMG, it's really realistic looking in some parts
too. Okay there were quite a few 'dirty' jokes
or 'teen/adult' comments, it wasn't exactly a little kids'
movie. It rocked! Towards the beginning of the movie, when
Shrek went to lord Farquaad's castle he said 'He must be
compensating for something' and laughed. You see, the
castle was HUGE and Farquaad was really really short, like
2nd grader short. Then later in the movie Donkey told
Princess Fiona Shrek's comment and said 'I think he meant
that he has a really..' then Shrek covered his mouth. Haha
that was such an awesome movie dude! I loved it! Go see it
playing in theaters near you!::trying to sound like a
commercial:: There's something strange about Fiona, I'm not
gonna say what it is cuz I don't want to ruin the movie for
anyone who reads my diary, if anyone does, but I will say
it's in Shrek's favor. Very cute, action packed, awesomely
animated movie! Go watch! Please! The Donkey's adorable!
After the movie I went to my grandma's house, just got
back from there, for a while. Jefferey, Kelsey(his sister),
and my twin cousins(Kelsi & Kati) came over. OMG! I haven't
seen Jefferey in...forever! He's way cute now! He has the
old Nick Carter style hair cut, the bowl cut thang. I said
he should put it in little braids, yes like Nick did when
he played basketball like last year, but he said no. I
was all like 'common dude it'd look tight!' Here's our convo from
"I don't think so"
"Aw man common"
"cuz it'd be way cool"
"no it wouldn't"
I sighed and let it go. I think it'd make him even more
gorgeous! He's too young for me, but still, I'm a flirt!

I've lost contact with like all muh guys! :*(:*(:*( Kyle
dissapeared, like he said he 'WOULD NEVER LET HAPPEN!' lyin
a**hole! I KNEW it would happen I TOLD HIM it would happen,
but he SAID he'd NEVER *LET* IT HAPPEN!!!!! Well guess
what, IT HAPPENED!!!!!! Chris stopped talking to me, no
clue why, he was such a sweetheart. I lost Miguel's sn and
he refuses to e-mail me or anything so what am I gonna do,
ya know? Markus, I have absolutely NO CLUE where he went
to, he was the one I flirted with all the time, but he
hasn't been online in a LOOOOOONG time! GRRR makes me soooo
p*ssed when people say they'll stay in touch with you, but
then they go and friggin screw ya over! The only two I have
left are Timmy and Pat. I HOPE that both of them stay in
contact with me. I try, I REALLY FRIGGIN TRY! I'm gonna go,
I wish Timmy was on cuz I wanna ask him something important.

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