Big whoaday
2001-06-09 01:42:57 (UTC)

Andrea's BACK!!!!!

Dear Journal,
I should Probably clue you in on who andrea is First.
Ahhh...Andrea Hetherington, i formaly met her on April 20,
2oo1 while on a sunday school trip to Nags Head, Nc, she is
in my Sunday school. Well, there aint a more intelligent,
sophistacate, beautiful young women out there on God's
green earth. She is sooooo Great. On the trip, we spent 19
concecutive hours together talking...and getting to know
each other. i found out more about her in that short of
time then i have about most of my friends! And i am glad i
did, Though we have only know eachother a little over a
month now, i feel such a deep connection for her, that
keeps me close. i feel that God has me with ehr for a
reason, and so i will stick with it. Well journal it has
been fun, gotta run now. Peace!!

Brian Norris
June 8th,2001