2002-05-18 07:15:04 (UTC)


What is it going to take for something to be crunk around
here. I thought the lil party was going to be worth it, but
it was very lame. No one was really there. I just sat down
and pretty much talked to different folks. Me and that boy
had a lil conversation....all we did was argue. He is
someone that loves to hate me. And when I act like I don't
care for him either, I think he likes it! LOL. Anyway,
Leroy was at the lil thing. I didn't speak to him though.
When I was about to go sit by him, I then noticed he was so
into the conversation he was having w/ Shay. He basically
stayed in that convo the whole nite, so that's why I didn't
say anything. For some reason, I feel funny about speaking
to him in public. It's not that I'm ashamed of
anything....I just don't want people to assume anything. I
get tired of people asking whether or not I still talk to
him. I get sick of folks coming up to me just to tell me
that he is around. When people see me w/ him, then I guess
they automatically think I like him again. Right now, I
don't have "like" in my heart for anyone. Ya know, he's
been home for a while and I've only gotten one chance to
spend time w/ him. He leaves Sunday to go back to SC for
summer school. He's gonna have his own apartment and
everything, so he probably won't be making too many home
visits this summer. I think the last time he may come home
for the summer will be Graduation....if he comes to that!
Man, I don't know. I guess sometimes you can only take the
signs and settle w/ the outcome....even though it's never
what you want :(