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2002-05-18 06:21:43 (UTC)


I haven't talked about it yet, because /i've hardly written
lately, but I'm cutting my hair. A lot. 14 conservative
inches. Which kind of makes me nervous, because my hair
has been my security blanket all these years, and my claim
to beauty and distiction. And I really have no idea at all
what it will look like. I've always had long hair. And it
freaks me out, but I don't think it's really sunk in that
I'm doing it tomorrow. It's going to be shorter than I've
had it since 1st grade. And while I am a little torn, I'm
also excited. I want to see what I look like, what it
looks like. And my hairs been driving me crazy... all the
uneven ends and layers and ickiness, and a couple of times
I was about to take a pair of scissors to big chunks of it
myself. And plus I'm donating it to wigs for kids
(although i'm not sure how much they'll want mine), which
makes me feel kinda good and stuff. Wait and see how upset
I am tomorrow, and if I need comforting, help me out. I
know it's "just hair"... but it's MY hair....

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