The jerk files
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2002-05-18 06:10:30 (UTC)


Wow. Just last night, we were told to be here at the
church at 3:30am. Why? Because we were going to Magic
Mountain with UTAH!!! YEAH!!! I couldn't wait to see them
again. Only one thing. I have this little fear of going on
crazy roller coasters and stuff. Yeah. I am such a big
baby. It's ok though, i will just hang out with any other
WOW!! I went to Magic Mt. and here's the deal. I hung
out with Mary and Lizette while we walked around looking
for little baby rides that we could enjoy, but only went on
the goldrusher about 3 times. yay. =/ Anyways, as we were
walking by the Goliath, i said to myself, "Now there's a
ride that i'll NEVER go on." And to my surprise, Sonia is
sitting there in front. (i guess she was a little scared
too.) So she joined our little entourage as we headed back
to the GOLDRUSHER! We did that and then walked around and
walked around some more. Then we lied to Mary and lizette
and told them that the Ninja was a kiddie ride. So we all
got on that and it was fun. (My first time on that too.)
We wanted to go again but mary was quite upset that we lied
to her. (oh well.) = So we walked around some more and
then ate lunch and everyone else who was there was telling
me, "You GOTTA come with us on a ride!" NO WAY MAN!

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