Jessi (a.k.a: Phsyco Goddess)

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2001-06-09 01:28:39 (UTC)

June 8

(9:00 am) Today I get to stay home from school because
Connie, Sam, Jen and Richard are in town. They came from
seattle so they are going to the sisters Rodeo. I hardly
ever get to soo them so mom said I could stay home. I got
up at about 6:30 and chated with sam. She used to be a big
drugie, everything, now shes a little wierd. Mom got up and
went to work, dad is still sleeping. i went and at my
dailey bowl of Froot Loops and then went to wake Connie and
Richard up in the motor home. Bailey is at an overnighter
for school. we have to go pick her up at 3. write more
later. - Me :)


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