Finding my Light
2002-05-18 05:42:57 (UTC)

Pure Fantasy

It was a turning point in her life. The young woman
was making a choice. Choice one would be to live a good
amount of her life alone. Away from people who had the
possibility of hurting her and go make something of
herself. To become a doctor or a lawyer, whatever she
wanted. The first choice would be promising. The second
choice would be to put herself on the line for one person.
To reveal all that she hid so very well from other and show
to him. This life would lead to worlds that the girl could
never expect, but also to emotions and happiness that would
protect her for years to come.
As the young woman walked around the room, her long
white blonde hair watching the light from the candles. She
notices she’s not alone. Her feminine hands grasp at her
golden shear nightdress. She was scared now. She did not
recognize the male figure and back away behind a pillar
foolishly believing it would hide her.
Peering out the side of the pillar she saw the figure
better now. His hair was brown like the earth and he had aqua
eyes that turned green at times. His eyes looked like the
ocean portraying a wiser scene then hers. The girl’s eyes
played a million scenes of happiness, hope, love, grief,
sadness, and betrayal all rolled up into one.
Now the girl recognized the young man. It was the one
man that held her heart and her life. She had known him
for so long and yet it didn’t seem like so long. They met
when they but teens and here they were. At the best they
both were going to get. Now her decision was clear.
The young man now more muscular then before and yet
still was able to hold on to the youthful attitude that he
had when they first met. He still had a child like quality
to him and held a lot of respect for himself. This, which
so happened, she liked best about him. He was the most
gorgeous man she had ever seen. He had his faults though, but
that was never a concern to the girl. He was just right for
her. The way he touched her, the way he watched her, and
even the way he argued with her made her feel like she was
the luckiest girl to have walked the planet.
The young woman though couldn’t be more different. She
looked more like a woman now. No longer did she have her
petite little hips, but full womanly hips made for baring
children. Her chest was more full now, but her legs were
still long and shapely. One thing the girl never lost was
her look of royalty. She still held a sense of a princess
or a duchess. She was also still loving and caring towards
others, especially towards him. Every day the young man
wasn’t in her life the young girl would feel a part of her
dieing. He held a great importance to her that no one
could measure up to.
The man smiled at her proudly and she smiled back
sweetly. He knew he had the best, but one thing still
puzzled him. How did he get the best? Why did she pick
him of all people? That would be the one question in which
he would never figure out. Catching his attention the girl
step out from the pillar in plan view of him. She was his
goddess, his goddess that would forever be his. The
candlelight danced over her olive and gold skin and she
almost blended into her gold dress and she blushed under
his hard stare.
The young man walked over to her and embraced her in a
strong and yet gentle hug. This was almost too good to be
true for both of them. They were combined in the image of
society and god and soon they would truly combine as one.
Sweeping the young woman off her feet he carried her to the
white bed surrounded by candles. They loved each other and
nothing was going to get in the way of that. Even though
they lived miles apart that wasn’t even great enough to
stop them from coming together. Their love for each other
alone held their souls together for eternity.