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2002-05-18 05:11:32 (UTC)

i wanted to be like you..

if you want to, i could save you, i could take you away
from here...

yeah. well i woke up early, laid out in the sun, talked to
matt not a good talk really, about coming to the beach, and about
this him smoking pot thing.. he got realy mad and yelled at me and we
hung up when i started crying, then i went to work, went over to
carolines cus the power went out, went to dennys and had
breakfast, man was she being a bitch, but whatever... matt had those
pictures, by the computer, pictures of us together...
they werent there last time. i dont care, i'll
never be able to keep up with him. but whatever. im so
tired... im trying to get some songs and then go to bed..

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