Emotional Fluctuations
2002-05-18 04:58:47 (UTC)


Life has been very hectis. I am currently taking 19 units,
sound designig a production of Streetcar Named Desire,
working on a play that is going 2 New York the day after I
graduate, teaching improv 2 middle school kids, rehearsing
4 an indie film I have no desire 2 b in, working the
Renassaince Pleasure Faire on the weekends, running the
theatre club on campus, forming a summer Shakespeare
company and still managing to see Spiderman 4 times and
Star Wars twice (threw in Murder by Numbers just 4 fun).
Sadly I'm not dating anyone so my tension level has been
slowly increasing and my tolerence decreasing. Other than
that, I've been great. It has been an awesome year and it
only seems 2 b getting better. I'm going 2 New York, I'm
graduatng finally, I'm acting Shakespeare, I'll be working
full time in a local center for the arts, I saw Prince in
L.A. and I'll b seeing him again in Minneapolis. I'm so
excited. Well, that's it 4 now, gotta get back 2 work. I'll
holla at u soon. Peace & B Wild