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2002-05-18 04:56:11 (UTC)

5/17 Friday:Curts House

Hey all! This is my first entry in here, and hopefully not
my last:-. Today was pretty kewl--I got up at like 7, i
had 2 be at school at 7:30 just for the hell of it. I
didn't put my fuckin' contacts in til I got 2 school which
was a big ass mistake! I got 2 school. I go 2 my classes.
FUN! FUN! FUN! Charity Challenge Assembly can kiss my ass!
it's getting annoying now that its only like 3 days
away...AHHH!!! NOO!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT SHIT!!! Anywho, I
think that it should go pretty good, i guess..Anywho,when i
got home, I got my sheot ready for going by Curts, and then
went online. I talked 2 Bobby...HI BOBBY!! He likes Emily
now...eww! Then I left and went by V-bo's...Then went 2 the
dance... I probly lost like 5lbs from all that dancing!
LOL! Curt picked me up at 9:30 and came back here. I took a
shower when i got here(which felt sooooo good!) and then
ate me a samwhich(lol). And here I am now! Im ready 2 fall
asleep, so i'll let ya'll back 2 your BORING ASS LIVES!