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2001-06-09 00:54:34 (UTC)

Best friends and not so sure if there friends

Today was great Karissa forgave me and we where going
great until Katie started to butt in. Everytime i started
to talk to KArissa she would butt in i thougth it was
becasue she was jelous or somthing but i found out that she
hates me because she thinks i'm taking Karissa away from
her i don't know what i should do, should i talk to her
about it, ot should i just let it set.KAtie was a real good
friend until she stared to do this know i don't know if she
is or is not my friend.
This weekend i want to go hiking. I love to hike. I
talked to one of my old friends and he said that he had i
horse that i could have for cheap. I'm really exicted. I
can't wait.Well i really don't have much to talk about
anymore so i'll let you go.

Amy Sue

P.S. next entry i'll talk about what guy i should like and
ask you for your advise