in ordinary daze
2001-06-09 00:42:22 (UTC)

sweet rain cont.

well ok- so lets get back to my date :) so we could never
stop talking and we made it through the movie- thankfully i
didnt cry- something i was about to do.... as we left the
movie theater we noticed it was raining and we made a run
for the car- evan was a sweetie and he came to my door and
unlocked it for me- so i reached across and desperatly
searched for his lock before he got to his side of the car.
as we drove home we talked about how great the film was and
when it came time to say goodbye he got out of the car with
me. we just stood there talking and then we just stared...i
should have kissed him- but i ended up giving him a huge
hug instead- i think it was safer that way. right before he
left evan told me that i need to go down to weston and
spend a weekend with him- awww....i cant wait. that was
last night (thursday)we talked again on the phone- turns
out he went and saw the movie again with his parents,
bought a new car cd player and the soundtrack too.... we
laughed and he said- you can tell i really liked the film.
i wonder if he can tell i really like him. we were going to
spend the weekend together- but now he has to go to naples
to see his grandparents. meanwhile i am too tired to really
do anything- this has been a rough work week for me.
so it looks like i will have to wait until i get back from
my road trip in 2 weeks before evan and i get a chance.
so now it is friday- i am tired and worn out beyond belief-
i need some sleep- hopefully i will get that this weekend.