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2002-05-18 03:43:49 (UTC)

driving in your car i never want to go home

i have one of the worst headaches i can remember having
right now.
and still here i am sitting at the computer.
its sick.

i spent a very long time working on emilys book this
and night.
i didnt even notice the rain until it had stopped.
im beginning to realize how impossible this task really is.
placing all of the time we have spent together in one
little book.
and trying to incorporate even a small fraction of the love
weve grown, proves harder still.
but i want to give her something really special for the
tampa nights spent without me.
something to remind her that no matter where we both are.
the love we have is better than distance and more powerful
than any amount of pain either one of us could ever cause
the other.
and it that love, that causes the pain.
talk about a vicious fucking cycle.