Randi Lynn

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2002-05-18 03:13:17 (UTC)

Some guy asked me for my phoen..

Some guy asked me for my phoen number..spet he aint some
guy..ehw as the guy taht called me a lesbian..ugh.Im not
THAT stupid. Soo I foudn out the guy i like is 15 years old
and was bron in august. His name is matt..but i already
knew that. Appears me adn him got he same issue..poeple
always yellin at us to shut up..sept they do it when hes
talkign and they do it when im laughing. I love his Eyes.
My cat gave me a heart attack. he was on porch adn he let
out this noise that sounded like he was dieing and i
freaked out and amost hyperventalated, hes okay, not a
scatach on him, It turns out he was fighitng a tom cat. Ive
enver been so scared in my life, He's the one thing i lvoe
the most in the world, if anyone or anything took him away
from me'd id go phsycho.