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2002-05-18 03:01:24 (UTC)


YES!!! I did it!!! I read my speech, the reading, the
Torah...and I. Am. Done.

Thanks so much to Jessica, Heather, etc. for wishing me
luck and helping me practice. Jess, thanks for coming
tonight, it really meant a lot to me.

You know something awesome? I got a copy of the Five Books
with my name inscribed on the cover, how cool is that?
Oddly, that is my fave thing out of everything i got.

On another note, I SOOOOO WANNA SEE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, so I had a lot of emails when I got home and didn't
feel like responding (too tired) so this is my response.

Melissa -- JarJar is AWESOME. Annoying, but seriously a
plus in the films. Just my opinion lol.

Heather -- I'm sure I'll have spoken to you via e-mail
before then, but just in case, good luck with the PT on
Monday. And don't do gym until you're supposed to, lol.



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