Life as I know it.
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2001-06-08 23:18:31 (UTC)

as the world turns I slowly slip away

I didnt mean for it to happen, but I saw Matt today. I was
on my balcony listening to music loudly and I saw him
walking down the street, I tried not to look but I
did...cause Hi my name is jenn and i am an idiot. He
looked too, we both looked away. He's online right now and
im not messaging him, he isnt messaging me, I think thats
good...I have no idea what I would say to him anyway.
ALan's solution to this is for me to move in with him when
he moves to Boston, hell I always wanted to live in Boston
and I would so do it in a second but I have school to
finish up. If not Id go, nothing is holding me here
really. And Matt just signed off...I think that is for the
best. I hate my life..grrrrrrr. Im outta here til later.

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