jallure's eyes
2001-06-08 23:18:26 (UTC)

the things that happen while your away

damn... i got home from school today in the best mood...
then i saw my grandmother and she told me my little cousin
had been in an accident. so i went to go check on him.

it turns out that he was on his skateboard and he went
around his mothers car and slid off and skid under her car
and she dragged him and didnt even know it...

two of his front teeth were knocked out and a baby tooth.
his jaw was somewhat shaddered and a piece of the bone
broke... thank god for helmets.

when i say him, i almost cried... he mumbles to talk
because that had to wire it along with his two permenate
front teeth... they are hoping they will be ok.

i saw his clothes... it looked as if somene had thrown a
waterballoon filled with blood at him and his shorts looks
like someone ran over them a couple times... his
helmet...ahh his helmet saved his head...although it nearly
cracked from impact.

thank god he is ok. thank god i was not there i would have
had to been taken the the hospital right along with him.
my heart hurts... that is my little boy! my baby
cousin...the one i helped raise. i am thankful he is ok.

damn...the things that happen while you're not around...
-=shaking my head=- thank god!

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