Me and X
2002-05-18 02:23:25 (UTC)


why is it that when i am good...... when i am faithful..
he doesnt believe me.

i knew things were too good to be true.
i told him the truth about that guy. and the phone. i
completely told him the truth...
i was standing on a payphone and some guy (who was like..
probably almost 40) asked me to use the phone.. i feel bad
whenever im on a pay phone and someone needs it.. so i let
him use it.
i called x back and he was like.. you knew that guy... you
were lying to me.
but i wasnt.

the boy who cried wolf.......... right? the one time im
not lying he thinks i am.

what can i do to convince him.. now it sounds like the same
old story as before.

i miss him
im so lonely without him
i wish he were mine.. i wish he loved me as much as he used
to.... i adore him....

x please love me.... have a good trip to california this