Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
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2002-05-18 01:31:18 (UTC)

You know what sucks?

When you finally realize that its you thats wrong, not
everyone else. Poor Matt. I've been such a bitch to him,
and I know he doesnt deserve it. I put myself in
postitions and then take it out on him, and its not fair.
I need to tell him Im sorry. I guess when I was watching
Snow Dogs it hit me. Yeah, go figure. But I was watching,
and the main character, Ted, has this cute sweet little
personality, and it was reminding me about Matt, and how
sweet and cute he is... then I started thinking about how
much I love him and miss him... and how big of a bitch Ive
been to him. I mean, just because I have a problem doesnt
mean I have to take it out on him. Ive really been a bitch
to him. I feel really bad. Worst part is, I did it on
purpose. Yeah, I know, Im a bitch. Lol. We've confirmed
this fact. I need to find another word. Lol. But I feel
really bad, ya know?

Anyways, Im going to go.

I love you matt, and im sorry.

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