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2002-05-18 00:39:43 (UTC)

Two more nights and I AM OUT!!

I couldn't be happier right now. Only two more nights here
and then I'm going home. Sunday I am going to the year in
pictures with Ashley and then monday I am going to her
house to help her study for the physical science exam.
Can't wait to get back!!
I feel bad for a song hong long e yong (lol). She really
likes this guy...and now her very best friend is hanging
out with him a lot and this weekend, she's going to his
dads house in Mont Eagle. Ashley feels left out and is
kind of mopey. I wish I was there to make her laugh and
make her happy. Two more days!!
I am sort of apprehensive about this work thing. I am so
happy that I am going back...but I've never had a real,
every day job with strict hours and real work. Ya know?
What if I can't do it and it makes my mom look bad?? She's
not my boss, but if I screw up, it will reflect badly on
her. I hope I can do it well. Ashleys mom works there,
too, and thats cool. :o)
I miss Dong. I really do. He's so sweet...I don't even
care about the Shannon thing anymore. People screw up and
I am not going to stop liking him because of one stupid
night with a whore like Shannon. And there's no way to
ever know for sure if it even happened, so why flip out if
it's not true?
Anyways, I am going to go. Munna wants me to explain to
her what I am doing over here, but I don't think that I
will. I hate teaching her...she's so slow!

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