Queen Bee

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2002-05-17 23:27:44 (UTC)


Why is it that people have to go around making up shit
abut people that they dont or hardly know. theres this
girl, my fiances ex, and i belive, not quite sure tho, that
she is the one ging around telling people that i am
pregnant a because she knows someone at jefferson know
those people know so there a rumor going around about me
being pregnant. and this girl had the nerve to call me a
stupid bitc because she thought i had picked up the phone
at fiances house althoug i didnt but fiance talked to her
and i gues straightened mot of it out but yeah, apparently
her life is so dll that she has to go around talking shit
and spreading rumors about a person she doesnt even know,
its quite pathetic that she has to fill her otherwise empty
life by talking shit about a person she doesnt even know,
but i guess whatever blows your hair back.