2001-06-08 21:24:22 (UTC)


Hello!! Im so happy today, mom is gone she left today. We
actually communicated lol! But I told her dont feel bad cuz
your leaving cuz your gonna go to paradise!! But anyways
today school basically. And tomorrow Lake Compounce! fun
fun fun.. Gosh I hope I have fun and my baby is coming with
me. Ill keep ya updated, But anyways im listening to Otown
lol i know i have to stop these guys are taking over my
mind i love them soooo much! lol. but oh yea i layed down
in my porch and stayed there for like an hour and i am
tan!! good my white ass needs one. but tomorrow i will lay
out more by the water park. but i have to go now i have to
go to moms house and clean my room.. clean my closet.. pack
everything for tomorrow then come here wait for amanda my
cousin to call me so i can go over her house and then
sleepover her house! im so exited after all the troubles,
and tears and depression i have been threw i get to
finally free my mind and have fun and spend sometime with
my baby. well im outy ill write more on sunday
have a good weekend!

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