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2001-06-08 21:17:55 (UTC)

better days

Well its Fri..I worked and boy it was busy...Tghis is a
good thing the day went pretty fast.I started the day
feeling down I went to talk to the chaplin and it helped
tremendously (sp)..I feel so much better just hearing that
the way I am dealing with this si the right way.So be it I
will get on with mine and the kids life and when hubby
snaps out of his crisis he will have to find a place in our
new lives,no more dwelling i now know for sure this is not
me,it never was me and I must move forward,i will continue
to pray for him as well as myself and my kids i know it
will be anwsered in gods time.
To start i have a movie date tonight,tomorrow i will be
hanging woth a friend the whole afternoon and we are going
to have a blast.Sun we are to go to a ball game.So this
should be a good weekend,I have yard work to do in the
am.See how late i stay out tonight because we are hitting
the club after the movie and i should get home real late.I
missed going out and i think i will enjoy this.
Well have to hand with the kids and get ready for
tonight....Till tomorrow

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