inque nine/synthetic sour
2001-06-08 20:57:46 (UTC)

don't call me; i'm antisocial

i think we should get an answering machine. now that we've
got cable, phone calls can get thru. =P i shouldnt've
answered the fone just now, not that it was all that bad or
n e thing... i just hate communicating (isnt that ironic,
inque the writer, :::sighs:::). ever since i took that vow
of, um, hermit-ness, antisocialness, i forget the word i
used at the moment (i probably wrote it down sumwhere,
tho), my life has been a lot easier. i dont whine and
stress about bein lonely or watever.
it's hot... n t'add insult 2 injury or however the saying
goes, im drinking coffee. so i cant complain cuz that'd b
victimizing myself. i guess i just thought i'd comment.
=P i have to drink coffee n e wayz; how else would i wake
up? i went 2 bed at 5am, and i wasn't even tired... i dont
think i feel asleep until sumtime after 7. *shrugs* i
could've stayed up all day and not slept at all, like the
day b4 yesterday. that was kind of neat, even tho
eventually i kept fading in and out of being tired and
super energetic and my head had this weird feeling to it.
but at least i kno i can do it now.
well that's all for now; this has gotta b one o' my
shortest entries ever =P nothing has happened... i dont
think... nah im not gonna think about it now (if i wait,
and it turns out sth really HAS happened, at least i'll
have a lot 2 write about next time).