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2002-05-17 20:50:15 (UTC)

she woke me up from my nap. and..

she woke me up from my nap.
and i couldnt be happier about it.
i talked too much, but i wanted to tell her everything
and i couldnt wait any longer.
plus, i was sleepy.

i think im going to spend the rest of my day working more
on her book.
i know that im not really going to have much time after she
comes back to do so, and i better make use of the time i do
besides, its something i can do by myself, drink coffee,
smoke, and be productive. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
fuck yeah for that shit man.

bagel bites are a' cooking.

i saw shawn today, for a little bit.
maybe im crazy but...he seems different recently.
i cant really place it, but its definetly there. or not
i know hes mad stressed, so maybe thats just it.
but i dont know.

time for food.