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2002-05-17 20:47:07 (UTC)


another day @ this place where i can't deside if i like it
or not... this place where the faces r diffrent but there
the same... the same puzzled look on a face trying to
understand to understand the harsh complexitys of a
keyboarding class... how can i help the ones who r in need
of help when i don't understand the question..... who r
these people y did they come here, r they going after the
america dream of compleating college to make something for
them selves, to improve there class standard or r they here
because they don't have anything elce better to do than
bother the poor workers in this computer lab that i find my
self in time to time again.... y....y am i here.... is it
because it is a skill i have.. a training of computer
skills beyond those who r taking these classes...or am i
here because it pays me 8 bucks an hour to do something
that i am talented in... what kind o people take a course
in a class in which they don't understand the language is
this a trend should i go to mexico and take class in a
language that i understand maybe 3 or 4 words..... there
are also the ones who seem to be too involved in there own
little world to realize that they r not the center of the
universe and that they r not the only one in this lab
filled with assholes and jerks and forgeners... but there r
the ones who i seem to like... the ones who actualy take
what they r doin seriously... the ones who actualy
appreciate me for my efferts.. who thank me for the hard
work thjat i do.... thank u... those words do go along way
instead of lyer or go away..... this is what i decided...
working in this place dose have its benifits but it dose
have its down fall

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