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2002-05-17 19:47:00 (UTC)

It felt good.

I cried today. It felt good. I cried for 2 minutes. It was
peaceful. Today was all about feelings. You couldn't see
it. But it was. I felt happy. I felt sad. I felt lonely. I
felt mad. I felt many ways today. I hope that's a good
thing. I think it is.

I didn't go to math class today, we had a supply so what's
the point. Nothing.

Lunch was fun. Me and Steph and Alex and Steph, wow...look
at that proper grammar...we sat on a table in the hallway
upside down with our feet against the wall acting all crazy
like. It was splendid.

I also attended a MADD (mothers against drunk driving)
presentation at my school today. It was a great show with
lights and music and movie clips and no point to it at all.
I personally don't know why all the music and lights were
necessary, sure it makes it fun, but who remembers what
they said about drunk driving. I don't. Wanna know why?.
There wasn't much said about drunk driving. And if there
was you couldn't pick it out from all the distractions. I
would have learned more if somebody simply said "drinking
and driving is stupid, people die."

Well i'll end it with i'm off to dreamland.