the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-05-17 17:38:17 (UTC)

last night had tobe the most..

last night had tobe the most interesting conversation i
think i have had in while but you wanna know whats weird is
that it wasnt a conversation it consisted of Cam falling
asleep every other minute and then prtending he was just
im telling you every other minute i swear i said one of the
A.) Cam ....Cameron....Sweetheart...Cam...Baby
or B.) Cameron Cam ...Stephen Cameron
and then he would be like "im not sleeping" yeah sure he
anyway i went to bed smiling he is so sweet he didnt want
to get off the phone even though he wasnt awake bc he
couldnt see me last night
but anyway im gonna go get ready for work have fun and a
great day

Love all