Jess's fucked up little life
2001-06-08 19:07:59 (UTC)


Im pretty slow today... I spilled a fuckin hot cup of
coffee all over me this morning and it hurt like a bitch.
I woke up this morning almost in tears, I had a wicked
fucked up dream about Joe. We had gone camping or
something and some how I had waited in the car for him,
and he was in my grandmas house and he was taking to long
so i looked in the window and my fuckin Grandma was givin
him a blow Job. It was so fucked up. My grandma looked at
me and she gave me that look like she didnt want to let go
of him and he was enjoying her. That was so sick, It like
broke my heart. I'm not so sure why I have such fucked up
dreams. I think its because I love him so much im afraid
of losing him or someting.. I know Joe would never chaet on
me that I know of. But im so insecure that sometimes it
fuckin scares me. I know that Joe is beautiful. He is
gorgous and he knows it but he aint concieted. He dont
want any body but me. Its just I dont trust any women with
my man. Not even my own Bestfriend. I just see look
in her eyes that she wants him or
something. Like its a constant flirt thing with her
trying to get his attention. I hate it. Yes im glad that
my man is beautiful but I wish that woman would know that
he is taken. I dont know im goin over the extreme here.
Anyways were goin to Krits Recital tonite we'll try to have
some fun . g2g talk to you tomorrow