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2001-06-08 19:05:07 (UTC)

people say that time heals all..

people say that time heals all wounds.
but what exactly does time change.
it mearly makes you forget.
makes you forget what annoyed you.
what hurt you.
what caused you to change the situation
in the first place.
but, time doesnt heal.

i wonder what would have happened.
if i had handled thing differently with you.
i wonder where we would be.
i wonder if my dreams. would have come true.
i wonder if they will.

you know.
all i want is to be happy.
i am finally at peace with myself...
and i guess that says a lot.
but i find myself getting angry a lot recently.
at stupidity
and ignorance.
a little smirk
or a glance.
but anger doesnt really solve anything.
either does crying.
but i do that too.

sometimes i wonder if i will ever meet someone i like.
actually like.
i seriously honestly doubt it.
and that makes me sad.
people say that ever madman thinks everyone else is mad.
maybe that is my problem.
but will i ever find someone who understands that.
i have my bestfriend.
who is a great guy =)
he a boy.
who likes boy.
and im a girl.
who likes girls.
how funny is that...
you know.

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