Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous (
2002-05-17 15:21:42 (UTC)

Schools almost out

Well i am so happy because school is almost out we only
have like 10 or 9 more days left until we leave. everything
is going on next week. Senior breakfast, powder puff and
iron man volleyball, i can't beleive that i will be
graduating, i never thought it would happen. it is so
awesome but i know that i am going to so sad and wanna come
back, but i can't. but i have some other good news, i might
have found a girlfriend. Her name is Ashley, i am meeting
her today for the first time. i hope everything goes well.
i am nervouse but excited at the same parents are
leaving for Mammoth tonight and i will be home alone all
weekend. then Saturday night i am driving to disneyland
with some friends and we are spending all night and all of
Sunday there to have fun. it is going to be great. well i
can't wait, i will let you know when i get back how it
went. talk to you later.

P.S. me and Adam arn't talking anymore. i told him that i
was a lesbian and couldn't handle it anymore.