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2002-05-17 14:50:20 (UTC)

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wednesday was awful. at 7:30 we went to see spiderman.
me, I, R and A. i had a big explosion before we left. i
didn't want to go to a movie i didn't want to see. i had
nothing to wear and i felt horrid. so i dried my tears and
we went. the two of us fought through out the movie. i
hated it. went home to eat and put on a warmer shirt cause
i was freezing. left again around 11 to make it to the
midnight showing of starwars. the theater was packed and i
could hardly stand being so close to all those people.
god, i hate people. i fell asleep several times during the
movie. and the rest i could barely keep my eyes open. my
back was hurting and i couldn't get comfortable. can they
make movie theater seats any more uncomfortable? and my
period is still late. 8 days late now. i have been
freaking out. i even went so far as to take a pregnancy
test yesterday. the results were negative, but still
somehow i just don't feel right.

i think we're going home to visit on sunday. (yay!) and
my father is away visiting my grandmother so that makes it
even better. ~~~~~

~V stardust
*sitting on my hands*

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