2001-06-08 18:44:36 (UTC)

Why me?

I just don't understand why my mom takes my sister's side
in EVERYTHING. They both have serious issues admitting
guilt, taking the blame. Maya's solution is to blame
someone else until that person gets fed up enough to find
whatever she lost or fix her problem. Apparently she
learned it from my mother. My mom was going to take our
lacrosse championship to the local paper, but she wanted
the picture for it. She never told me when she'd need the
picture and when it came in on Thursday, I just left it in
my locker. She blew up. She said "I'm doing this for you,
blah blah blah." She didn't need to 1. act like she was
being a martyr or 2. blame me exclusively since I didn't
even know that she wanted it. So I said that I'd bring it
today, and honestly, I just forgot. I was having a bad
enough day, cause it was 'Pick N' Patch Day' at our school
and I was helping out for NHS, so dust was flying
everywhere, and it irritated my contacts and so I got a
ride home and spent an hour trying to wash out my eye. My
mom wasn't home. ANd then when she comes home she yells at
me for forgetting. And of course Maya is sitting there
with an extremely smug look on her face and she has this
irritating condescending voice in which she says " should
we pin a note to her next time?" I wanted to hit her. And
then when I yell at her she starts going " Tara has
PMS...Tara has PMS" She's so aggravating. And I DO
understand that there's a point up to which someone
shouldn't rise to something like that, but if you had to
deal with it for 15 years, I'm sure your patience would be
wearing thin too. I just can't believe it. And I don't
understand why I keep crying.