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2002-05-17 13:00:36 (UTC)


Well, today should be very eventful. There are a few things
going on tonite. This weekend, in general, should be off
the chain. Anyway, last nite I went over to ole GMC. I've
been going over there lately. I stayed over there for about
an hour and something. I just sat in the back of Brian's
Explorer and laughed at how crazy those boys are. Brian
likes me. :) Donta was telling how Brian be wanting to
come see me at work, but gets scared. Aww, ain't that
sweet. Damn, he is still very fine to me. He just has that
string attached to him though and that messes up a lot of
things. Like, a lot of the boys are staying the weekend to
hit some of the events that are going on, but ole Brian has
to go home to be w/ his pregnant other. Next week is their
last week, so I won't see him too many other times. I think
he said he verbally commited to Nebraska the other day, so
I'll probably never see him again. I saw Jermaine(Joe's
brother) yesterday too. He came up to Zaxby's to eat. It
looks like those Gamecocks are doing him right because lil
skinny Jermaine dun got swole! But anyway, I went up to
Vamps last nite....it was lame. I can't wait to go off. I
don't think I'm going to wait around to see if I'm going to
be taken off the waiting list to get a room @ the Village.
There are three girls that are looking for a roommate that
are from Warner Robins. Two of them are going to GSU and
the other is going to Morris Brown. I think I might go
ahead and commit to finding a place w/ them. Well, I don't
know what I'm going to be doing during the daytime today,
but tonite should be pretty scheduled out. I think I'm
about to take my behind outside and wash the Honda.
HOllA!!! *J*

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