No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-17 10:47:57 (UTC)

my friday...*sigh*

I was on the phone too late last night and I woke up late
today. I was on the phone till 11:15 and woke up at 5:40
and I usually wake up at 5. Yeah, I was late getting ready.
But I got ready in 20 Minutes including a shower. That's
not all that bad.
Jessica is staying the night tonight. We are going to Party
City, working on Portfolio projects, relaxing and stuff
like that. Yeah, we'll cause destruction somewhere. We are
a bad pair of children. Me and my evil twin. Wait! Am I
Ashley or Jessica? j/k. lol. I'm tired as you can tell.
I have to run a mile in JROTC today. I'm going to die! I'm
sick...I can bearly laugh without coughing let alone run.
It is going to suck so much booty. lol. I am insane.
"Take me now, f*** me later, sing it to the tune of faggot
faggot faggot faggot."
~Mindless Self Indulgence

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