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2002-05-17 05:15:14 (UTC)

Big City Chonicles - People lives

Thursday I was in a town of my big city. I was talking with
another people. She was disclaiming because her feet and
legas was in pain. I sugested I could help her with a
massage in her feet. She asked I could do it on streets.
I look up and searched a rent room. She asked me if we
would go in a room only for a massage for feet. Her humor
became better but her feet were still in pain. It would be
funny if it would be a fairy tale.
Night at streets of my home town. I saw Carol. She was with
signs of being stressed in her skin. Maybe she cried for
ever. Mel was going to public transportation stop to go
to another town. I made company for her till transport
comes. I talked some things but meant nothing. She was in
a ride. Maybe she missed her old friends or old life. Or
things became scared with years.
Today I will be myself like I am every day. Each day is
unique and the last. Sun crosses the skies and people said
new days are comming and maybe tomorrow.
The lone pet dog howled this dawn. It was looking for the
other pet dog in hill. First place they appeared in my home
town. Maybe some space ship landed them.
Friday is a day to be rich too. Late people uses this day
to acquire things or services before weekend comes.
Better days for my friends and I just want for me to be
the better for them.