Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-05-17 08:01:23 (UTC)

Soon To Be In An Exam.

Well, my revisiion, at least in Language Pathology is over.
That's right - despite how much I've learnt (or otherwise,
it remains to be seen) about such difficulties since
September, I'll not study it again as long as I live. What
does this mean? When somebody is described as being
dysarthric, I know what it means....when somebody is
stammering, I know what they might be thinking.

Yes. All of this. It was very nice to be able to revise
with some people off the course, especially those who don't
sit next to me and have the same notes as I do, and doodles
making up the best part of them.

MOMENT OF GENIUS - It was the start of the first England-
Sri Lanka test match yesterday, and I was wise enough to
note that with a little wire carrying, with a little luck
and with no little skill, I could watch it in the garden.
And so I did. From 11.30 until 5.50 I sat in a chair in the
garden with my books and the cricket in the background.

Of course, during lunch I fell off next doors Anderson
shelter, resulting in quite a large bruis on the arch of my
foot and no small amount of swelling, hindered my football
playing yesterday no end.

And yesterday night, I was wandering home, post midnight
(from revision I hasten to add, nothing wild) and I was
under a lamp-post. I looked down to the pavement and saw
the shadow of a heart (Not a human heart, but a heart-
shape). There was, however, no heart shaped thing, or thing
of any shape between the streetlight and the floor. It
seemed to be coming from nowhere...very odd.

WILT? Eminem - Kill You.