Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-17 06:21:36 (UTC)

itz craaazy

today whuz my graduation from da 8th grade it whuz
kool though. i got my hair done at da salon, man dat whuz
boring. it took an hour and a half and cost $25. oh well it
looked good. anywayz after da graduation we went to buffalo
wild wingz and chilled der for awhile. it whuz kool. damn
damien whuz lookin' so fine, so fine! i hope he lookz just
like his fatha when he growz up. yummy. anywayz andrew whuz
lookin' good 2 and jordan, all of dem in der suitz. and
brent looked good too. i luv bein' surrounded by fine guyz!
haha anywayz dat whuz my nite. i surprised i didnt cry. dat
whuz da last time i'll probly see a lot of dem again
but derz jennz party so...itz all good. anywayz
andrew is cummin' ova tomorrow. i dunno if datz such a good
idea but...ya kno i cant resist a fine guy. so we'll c how
dat goes. aiiightz i'z done.