Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-05-17 05:08:35 (UTC)

Yay! Friday!

Current Music: 'Tainted Love' by Marilyn Manson

I had my two tests today, one for maths and one for social
studies. I probably failed both of them but I'm not really
that worried about it.

I had a realatively cruzy day today, nothing big happened
but I still had to see Michael. :( I couldn't stop thinking
about him, so it made it pretty hard to concentrate.
Writing poems has really helped me clear my head lately.
I've had sooooooo much going on. I can't wait until
September, as we're going to Australia for about a weeks
holiday. I could do with a nice break. I really wanted to
go to the states instead though, but I guess I should be
grateful that I'm even going anywhere.

I got invited to the rugby this weekend by a friend, but I
don't really feel like going, even though it's the semi
final of the super 12.

On a completely different subject, I LOVE HAVING BLACK
HAIR! It used to be a plain brown color, then I dyed it a
horrible red that didn't suit me, and a few weeks back I
dyed it black. I personally think it suits me best, my
friends don't agree though, they think I'm turning goth.
But, I guess I kinda am, so it doesn't really matter

I've run out of inspiration. I think it's time I go.

Bye Bye