Meshed Up
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2002-05-17 05:03:18 (UTC)

effects of macbeth

i had a dream last night. i dreamt that i killed someone.
when the spirit came to haunt me and threatened to kill me,
i realized that before i killed him, i had killed somebody
else as well. and that somebody else i killed wanted to
kill me too.

i went crazy, hysterical. i feared for my life...only to
wake up and find out that it was almost one in the
afternoon. sigh. wasted half the day away.

must be the effect of doing macbeth. literature exam coming
up soon and i did fall asleep last night with a pen in my

banquo came and haunted macbeth. lady macbeth started
talking in her sleep and washing the blood off her hands.

okay i better study. 3.03pm already and i haven't done a
single thing.