dazed and confused (*L*O*S*T*)
2001-06-08 17:25:08 (UTC)

worse than one of those days

ever just have one of those days? but this is beyond that,
i need to get out, i need to leave, i cant stand it here
anymore. If i stay with these insane people called my
imediate family, i think i might die. Today is my sisters
Graduation party. i hate to see her turning inot my mom but
everyday she becomes more and more like her. my mother goes
insane during inmortant events and takes it out on the rest
of us. christing is starting to take after her. it is so
beautiful outside today, i wanted to go to the beach, i
have to go to evanston anyway to see julie she's my
therapist, i hate her, she does nothing for me. my parents
make me see her cause they think i have problems, its
really everyone else. for awile they actually did convince
me i was the one who needed help but i dont. i mean i guess
its all from your perspective. i only react, maybe
sometimes provoke but who doesnt? everyone thinks my family
is so perfect and they appear that way. they make it look
like i am crushing them, when at home in the "saftey" and
privacy of these walls, the're eating me alive, one bite at
a time. someone, please help me....