Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-05-17 04:20:33 (UTC)

Still an Awesome Week

I've done a great job at Strength Week so far!

I've spent 20 minutes on the treadmill every day. I've
been eating very well. I'm not really sore, but my muscles
are starting to be kind of tired. I figure I'll take a
break from the treadmill someday soon and find another way
to work out for that day. I just hate to take a day off
now that I'm finally building my endurance. I'll probably
wait until next week.

I got paid yesterday, and I budgeted it very well. I've
decided to start a separate "savings" section of my
checking account. The money's still there, but I subtract
it from my checkbook so it doesn't look like it is, and I'm
keeping track of it in a ledger. I thought it was rather

I also got an extra 7 hours of work tonight, so that puts
me 35 hours this week. Not too shabby.

Adam did end up dropping by yesterday for a few minutes on
his way home. It was really nice. It was great to see him
for a while without any sexual intentions. It had been
quite a while since he'd looked me in the eye. I'm not
sure whether I'm starting to have feelings for him again or
if I'm just glad that we are becoming better friends.
Either way, I'm happy he dropped by.