this is me
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2002-05-17 04:01:11 (UTC)

i really want to write more

i want to write here more often,
its sooo relieveing even though no one really reads it, it
just feels good to get it out. u can basically forget
everything bout kelly. she lied to me alot lately. she
said she loved me, and that just turnedout to be another
lie. im gonna miss amy alot this summer, she is the most
amazing and most fun and most awesome girl ive ever met. im
gonna miss elisia too, shes really the best friend ive got
and shes gonna be in kansas most of the summer. bummer.
haha that rhymed and yes i do have a.d.d.. but they arent
perminently gone, they will be back, its orit thats gonna
hurt alot....shes so perfect a girl, i wish she wasnt goin
back so we could have possibly had something. shes from
isreal thuogh, and thats her home, and she deserves to be
in her home. i am going to be so sad to see her go, and im
trying to forget about it cause i know its gonna suck. this
summer will be weird though. things as they r with kelly,
and then elisia and orit gone kills my west hartford
friends, amy and all the other porters girls will be gone.
its gonna be me and kel, and we will just hav to work some
things out. shes the best sister i could ask for though. oh
well i need some sleep tonight

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