ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-05-17 02:48:05 (UTC)

Once Again Set Myself Up For A Fall...I Never Learn...I'll Always Crawl

well i didnt think i could get any lower that rock bottom
but i have...becuz of burke
what happens when you soulmate is an asshole...who only
tells you he loves you becuz he gets pleasure from hurting
you.well thats my dilemma and now im
stuck...forever....loving him becuz hes who my soul wants
and i cant change it...so im fucking stuck..i hate it..i
hate him.
hes been talking to kara,and tersea,and taryn,and
melissa....guess hes gettin everyone while he's home.prolly
feeding them the same bullshit...he'll never change..i want
to forget i ever met him.
we got our yearbooks today..they sucked..should of called
joke..i want my money back..along with half the student
skool is almost over..thank fucking god ..i hate that
i ordered my stickers for my car, they should be here
soon.but the car is a bitch and is in the shop.it wont pass
inspection till a bunch of shit gets done too it.more money
that i dont have
im puttin my application in at Ponderosa,Chi-Chi's. and
D'atris...i need a job very much so
i actually hung out with kayla today..for the first time
in forever.its strange how we can go that long without
hanging out but when we get together we spill our guts over
shit we wouldnt tell anyone.i went driving with her to
frostburg today in her new Liberty...its a sweet ride.

"I wanna understand why,but I'm hurting myself I haven't
seen a reasons to stop it I can't just drop it"-My Plague

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