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2002-05-17 02:23:22 (UTC)

the break up!

omgosh diary listen,well me and madison broke up. well i
knew that we were gonna break up sooner or later but i
didnt expect him to break up w/ me! i mean i feel a little
seperatin but everything is okay. i mean he is still cute
and hott and all but i liked chris way more. i duna i mean
now that it is okay to go out w/ chris i dont know if i
really want to date. no wait a minute i do want to date
him. i mean madison could never be half the person chris
is. but there is only one problem w/ chris right now. i
think that he is a player. i mean i duna i kind of am too
but i have never liked someone so much they way that i like
chris. i am actually releived that me and madison broke up
becuz he was just holding me back from the things that i
want the most! chris! well i mean he is so sweet and so
cute but i feel kind of bad cuz i was not the dumper i was
the dumpee. and let me tell u i had intended on being the
dumper. i mean i was really just looking for the right
moment to break up w/ madison. now i have the full
oppurtunity of dating chris. but i duna i still have some
kind of feelings for madison. but thats over! well okay im
gonna go. any commnts please let me know. latz!